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jEugene creates intelligent tools that work in partnership with lawyers. Our products offer unmatched accuracy, fit seamlessly into typical workflows, and operate at lightning speed with bank-level security.

jEugene Products

jEugene Definitions

detects undefined terms and unused definitions in documents. Our state-of-the-art algorithms provide an annotated document that highlights potential definitional issues.

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jEugene Cross-References

uses advanced algorithms to verify the existence of sections cited and the correctness of locational cross-references (e.g., "this Section 1.01"). All verified cross-references are transformed into hot links that allow instant navigation, and unverified cross-references are highlighted for further inspection. If you choose to provide a precedent document, jEugene will also determine if cross-references have been appropriately updated.

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jEugene Spotlight

leverages cutting-edge natural language processing techniques to detect in legal documents areas of interests, such as dates, amounts, locations, and names of organizations and persons. Spotlight can also detect phrases and clauses that deviate from their expected forms as specified by a user.

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"jEugene pinpoints definitional problems I am too tired to see. I can finally stress less, and think more."

New York Corporate Associate

Deployment Options


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jEugene provides two deployment options: a secure private cloud that is dedicated to your organization and on-premise deployment on your infrastructure. Under either option, our continuous upgrade cycle improves our tools over time and steadily adds value to your legal practices.

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